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Event Rentals

Austin Event RentalsEvent Rentals is a big part of Adam’s Canopy Service

that gets less attention, but is equally important.  If you’re planning an Austin event, and you order a tent from us, you may not know that you can also rent tables and chairs (along with just about any other piece of equipment you can think of!) from us as well.  This means that you don’t have to call two different Austin area event rental companies that offer different event rental services, which in turn would mean having to deal with the schedules of two or three different companies along with reliability, process differences, etc…  That all equals one thing; hassle.

At Adam’s Canopy Service, we’re anti-hassle!

Offering tent and event rental services in Austin for more than 17 years, we have the experience, and the event rental equipment service record, to prove it.  Most of our business comes from repeat customers who’ve been renting event staging, tables, chairs and tents from us for a very long time.  We’d love to add you to that list.

Making sure that your table and chair rentals show up on time is critical.  The last thing you want is for your rented tent to show up at a different time than your tables and chairs, because the setup needs of both are different.  We make sure that doesn’t happen (another advantage to renting your event needs from the same company as your tent rental company).  If you’ve ever run an event and had things show up at the wrong time (or not show up at all!), then you know what a hassle it can be to deal with when your event rental company in Austin isn’t pulling their weight. Not so with Adam’s Canopy Service.

We take pride in on-time delivery for your Austin area event, clean setup and removal, and in using only top quality tents and event rental equipment.

When you think of your event rentals needs, please think of Adam’s Canopy Service.  Give us an opportunity to show you how easy your Austin rental experience can be.

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