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Tent Rental Austin

Tent Rental is at the Core of Our Business at Adam’s Canopy Service!

Tent Rental is something you’ll probably have to prepare for  at some point.  Whether you’re a parent of a high school or college student or you just took over a management position at a local Austin corporate job, you’ll have events, weddings, meetings and other things like this you’ll need to plan.  Tents work great for any Austin outdoor event for several reasons:

  • Consistent shade; this is a big deal in Austin, because of the Texas heat.  Relief from the blazing sun is important.
  • Protection from weather; staying out of the rain is important, too!
  • Clear meeting point; there’s no doubt that everyone meets “at the tent”

Tent Rental Experience you can Depend On…

Adam’s Canopy Service has been in Austin for more than 17 years, and we’re dedicated to providing top quality tents and event materials for the Austin area.  We want you to have a great event in Austin, and to ensure that we use only top quality tents, and all of our tables and chairs are clean and in excellent shape.  Not only that, but our arrival, setup and teardown time and procedures are tops in the industry.  You won’t be waiting on us, nor will you have to deal with hassle from our crews being where they’re not supposed to be (or not being where they’re supposed to be!).  We make your life easy, not difficult.

If you have an event (wedding, corporate event, party, etc…) in Austin coming up soon, contact our Tent Rental team as soon as possible, and one of our friendly staff will determine exactly what your  needs are, and how we can serve you best.

Have as much information ready as possible: number of guests, bands, people on stage, fans, etc…

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