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Tent Rental Austin

Adam’s Canopy Service specializes in Tent Rental in Austin

OK, you have an event coming up in Austin, and you need a tent rental. Austin residents have been counting on Adam’s Canopy Service for a long time to supply just that.

But wait, you say, why not just go with the cheapest? Why not just pick up one from Wal-Mart down the road in Austin for 50 bucks and be done with it?

That’s where professionalism comes in. Adam’s Canopy Service has literally set up tens of thousands of tents in Austin and the surrounding area. Because we use only the best materials with our tents, that means you can’t just go down and buy one at the local Wal-Mart. That’s why it makes sense for you to go with Tent Rental. Austin is a great place for parties, weddings, events and just about anything else you want to do, but make sure that your event equipment, especially your tents, are in top shape and set up correctly.

And….NO ONE Beats Our tent Rental ¬†Prices!

We’re located right in Central Austin, Tx, so we’re convenient to all of Austin!

Using Adam’s Canopy Service for all your tent rental needs in Austin makes sense, because you get great tents, professional setup and on-time removal. This means no hassle for you, and more time for you to focus on how to make your party or special event awesome!

We’re here for you. Whatever you need from tables to tents, from seating to staging, Adam’s Canopy Service has it and we rent it all at a fair price.

Call us today! ¬†One of our friendly staff will help you through exactly what you need, and we’ll get it delivered so that you can make your event everything it can be.

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